Fire Safety Signage

The use, application and correct siting of signs can make a major contribution to the effectiveness of good fire safety management and are required under the Health and Safety (Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996.

These regulations state that:

  • Employers must use safety signs wherever there is a risk to health and safety which cannot be controlled by other means.
  • Safety signs must be of a specified type.
  • All signs must contain a pictogram; text only signs are no longer acceptable.
  • Signs must be properly maintained and adequately lit.
  • Employers must ensure that signs are understood by employees.

All escape route signs require adequate illumination to ensure they can be seen and understood. They should also be visible under power loss conditions which may require artificial illumination.  We recommend that photoluminescent signs are used which although slightly more expensive than conventional signs, are much cheaper than illuminated signs but stand out much more than conventional signs and ‘glow’ in the dark.

Magni Fire Ltd stock a range of emergency exit signs and fire safety signs.  We can supply and install all types of fire safety signs covering emergency escape routes, location and identification of fire fighting equipment, fire action notices and fire door signs, etc.

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